Daily Insights

Colgate’s Mental Refresh

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 22, 2020

Meditation app Headspace collaborates with an unlikely partner to bring its “mindful moments” to all. The partnership with Colgate allows users to have a moment of peace while brushing their teeth, while also encouraging them to smile more. 

The partnership will kick off in the Hum by Colgate app where users can earn “smile points” every time they complete an activity. Users can also test out Headspace’s subscription service via guided meditations and mindfulness exercises. Colgate app users can then redeem their smile points for toothbrush products or offers from brand partners, like Headspace. App users can earn up to 200 smile points during their 60-day trial, while Headspace hopes it’s enough time to convert consistent teeth brushers into loyal subscribers. For Colgate, the partnership could incentivize consumers to purchase from its Hum toothbrush line, which could increase its e-commerce and in-store sales according to a Gartner report. The partnership could also drive app downloads for both Headspace and Colgate while helping reach consumers digitally in moments often untapped by brands. 

Headspace has taken advantage of several partnerships this year as consumer stress levels reached new heights and people often turned to apps in search of soundness. The in-app collaboration with Colgate marks the mindfulness brand’s third digital drive, following a YouTube series with Sesame Street and an in-app feature on Snapchat. While its previous two partnerships targeted young children and young adults, working with Colgate could help it reach consumers of all ages, including older adults whose stress levels have increased 90% during the Coronavirus pandemic. While Headspace could reach new audiences of meditation novices, Colgate can also propel its goal to shift brushing one’s teeth from a mundane chore into a worthwhile task, which it hopes to achieve via its “smile points” program. 

As feeling stressed becomes as common as brushing teeth, Headspace and Colgate’s partnership could appeal to a wide audience. By teaming up to bring mindfulness to an everyday task, both brands could boost reliance on their apps and polish their presence as self-care driven companies.