Daily Insights

Connections to Confections

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 04, 2020

German candy brand Kinder Joy serves up holiday spirit with its new Doorways to Memories campaign. The brand shines a light on the joyful side of holiday traditions that last for generations through a series of video advertisements. 

Kinder Joy’s video campaign centers around a young boy whose parents measure his height against a wall and then give him a Kinder Joy each holiday season. The ad then shows the boy as an adult, repeating the tradition with his own children, including giving them their own Kinder Joy too. The warmhearted ad pays homage to family and traditions, both important themes during the holiday season. As the Coronavirus pandemic keeps many families apart this year, consumer demand for nostalgia and tradition has soared, which could help Kinder Joy’s new ad resonate with a larger audience. The brand is running 15-second, 30-second, and 45-second increments of the advertisement on broadcast TV and YouTube, as well as through social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, Kinder Joy invites social media followers to use the hashtag #KinderJoy to show their own memories and holiday traditions in a bid to boost engagement. 

Alongside its video advertisements, Kinder Joy released limited-edition holiday confections, including seasonal candy multi-packs and special holiday toys inside each chocolate egg. Blending its digital ads with specialty products could drive consumers to stores for a taste of something both familiar and new, and increase Kinder Joy’s holiday sales. As consumer demand for candy and comfort food rises during the holiday season according to a Gartner report, the specialty candies could appeal to consumers of all ages. Consumers could also take inspiration from Kinder Joy’s commercials to link its products to their own special family memories, which could boost both loyalty and revenue. Kinder Joy’s holiday campaign embraces food linking family, which has become a primary theme for candy brands this holiday season. For example, Hershey’s revamped its classic Kisses commercial for the first time in 30 years to show a father and daughter baking cookies together. As consumers crave connection during the holiday-pandemic hybrid season, paying homage to family traditions could help brands boost their relevance with shoppers. 

Doorways to Memories serves a series of seasonal sentiments which could resonate with consumers now more than ever. With its timely campaign, Kinder Joy can lift the spirits of holiday consumers, whether they are spending time with family in-person or reminiscing on season’s past.