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Conversations With Kids

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 04, 2020

With social issues at the forefront of American minds, many families are unsure of how to talk to their children about the civil unrest. CNN and Sesame Street are uniting to assist families in starting a meaningful dialogue.

On June 6 CNN is airing a new town hall special, “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism”. The special was designed for kids and families to teach ways to discuss and understand racism. Topics to be touched upon include the protests taking place across the United States, how to embrace diversity, and how to be more empathetic and understanding. The town hall will be hosted by CNN’s Van Jones and Erica Hill, as well as Sesame Street’s Big Bird. Kids may also recognize special guests Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Rosita from the show. Families can submit questions prior to the special, which will be answered on-air by a team of experts. 

Discussing issues taking place across the country is not a light topic to broach with kids. By bringing on trusted and well-known characters from Sesame Street, the collaboration could provide children with an easier way of listening and learning about racism. CNN is airing its newest special on its three TV channels, live on CNN.com, and on the CNN app, making the show accessible to families and children however they can watch it. The town hall marks the second CNN and Sesame Street collaboration, as the two teamed up in April to teach children about the Coronavirus pandemic. Both brands are promoting the new special on Twitter, which makes sense as it provides the best opportunity for brands to connect with viewers, according to a Gartner report. Both CNN and Sesame Street’s promotionals for the special have the potential to reach a combined total of 50 million followers just from Twitter. The special will be the second time Sesame Street is speaking out on recent events, as the show already put out a statement telling children “racism has no place on our street—or any street.” 

Broaching uncomfortable conversations with children is a challenge many parents face currently, with some adults unsure of where and how to begin. Sesame Street and CNN’s new special could be the starting point families need to spark meaningful and essential conversation about the plague of racism.