Daily Insights

Cookies N’ Dreams

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 25, 2020

Insomnia Cookies hosts a social media pajama party in lieu of an in-person celebration. 

As a college-campus classic, Insomnia Cookies is no stranger to interacting with young consumers. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic keeps many college kids home this fall, Insomnia moved its annual in-store “Pajama Party” to social media. For the campaign, Insomnia gave away free “mouth pajamas”—a.k.a. face masks—to the first 50 customers that placed a delivery order from every store. The cookie company also turned to young consumers’ favorite virtual hangouts, TikTok and Instagram, to keep the spirit alive. On Instagram, Insomnia launched a “mouth pajamas” filter that let users try on and share their favorite masks. The brand also posted promotionals on its page to invite users to its virtual pajama party and provide instructions on how to win a mask. Insomnia also used Instagram to show off four of the best ways to eat cookies while wearing a mask, including the amusing “Underbite” method, where a cookie is broken into pieces and snuck under the mask. 

Insomnia kept the pajama party bustling on TikTok, where it recruited Philadelphia rapper Leese B to record an original track about its late-night cookies. Insomnia launched the sound with a short music video on the app showing off its cookies next to face masks. Fans can use the original sound to flaunt their own Insomnia orders and use the hashtags #mouthpajamas and #cookiesofTikTok to interact with the brand. Utilizing an original song and hashtag could help Insomnia widen its reach on TikTok and raise interaction levels with college-aged students, according to a Gartner report on the topic. With consumers positively viewing brands that feature face masks in their marketing, Insomnia’s Mouth Pajamas campaign could be viewed favorably by TikTok and Instagram users. As face masks become the go-to accessory of the year and many brands release their own versions, Insomnia’s masks could appeal to consumers and strengthen brand loyalty. 

As an essential college hot spot, it makes sense that Insomnia Cookies would work to stay connected with its fanbase even while they cannot visit in-store. By turning to platforms most frequented by Gen Zers, the cookie company could sustain its connection with younger consumers, boost its social media presence, and promote its delivery service.