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Coors Light’s Puppy Love

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 12, 2020

Coors Light is giving fans a new reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

From now until February 21, Coors Light will cover dog adoption fees for up to one thousand pet adoptions across the country. Adopters can text a picture of their adoption receipt and “COORS4k9” to 28130 and be eligible to have $100 of their fees covered. The promotion is part of a larger brand campaign, “Made to Chill”, which has been running since last fall. 

In addition to dog adoptions, Coors Light recently released a fifteen-second ad featuring a woman cracking open a can of Coors Light while lounging on a couch with her dog, while the tagline “The Official Beer of Skipping Cuffing Season” appears on the screen. This recent push shows Coors Light is taking a non-traditional approach to Valentine’s Day this year, while still directly seeking younger consumers—64% of whom think Valentine’s Day is overrated, according to a recent study. Millennials and Gen-Z are one of the most important demographics for alcohol brands to reach, according to a Gartner report on the topic, so finding standout ways to reach them is key to remaining relevant. 

Coors Light has been promoting its fur-friendly campaign through various TV spots, including in the lead-up to the “Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet, during the Grammys, and during weekly episodes of ABC’s The Bachelor. Digitally, Coors Light has been tweeting regularly about dogs using the hashtag #MadeToChill

By focusing on a different type of love for the holiday, Coors Light could brew up a new fanbase.