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Cosmo’s Wine Connoisseur

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 17, 2020

Cosmopolitan moves from glossy pages to grape vines with the launch of a wine brand. 

“Uncorked By Cosmo”,Cosmopolitan’s new wine brand, features four types of wine to choose from. Customers can purchase rosé, chardonnay, pinot noir, or cabernet sauvignon made by the magazine’s partner vineyard, Guarachi Wine Vineyards. The bottles will be sold exclusively on Wine.com for $14.99 each. Entering the beverage and spirit industry allows Cosmopolitan to expand its footprint beyond publishing to build up its image as a lifestyle brand. As the wine is primarily targeted at those who already read or trust Cosmopolitan, the collection could boost loyalty and create a unique connection with fans that could help the magazine brand stand out amongst competitors. Although Cosmopolitan has just launched its first wine collection, the brand is already in talks with its vineyard partner to create another four varietals, which could help it appeal to an even larger audience of wine drinking devotees. 

Uncorked by Cosmo could face surging demand from consumers, particularly as wine sales continue to rise. With Americans drinking an average of 36 million glasses of wine a week during the Coronavirus pandemic, Cosmopolitan’s wine brand could appeal to a large demographic. By selling the bottles exclusively online, the publisher could find even greater success, as at-home consumption and e-commerce alcohol orders rise during the pandemic, according to a Gartner report. The wine line could help Cosmopolitan reach both millenial and Gen Z women, as the two generations make up the top consumers of wine but are also increasingly difficult to engage via traditional media methods. By turning its attention to the beverage industry, Cosmopolitan could connect with younger female consumers through a product they frequently purchase while still building up its modern media presence. As Cosmopolitan runs both a digital and print version of its popular magazine, advertising its wine brand through these channels could raise awareness and potentially boost sales. Particularly with digital advertisements, if Cosmopolitan links its website to its wine microsite, consumers could be more likely to purchase virtually.  

Cosmopolitan’s Uncorked By Cosmo line could set the stage for future brand initiatives beyond media and publishing. By connecting with consumers in the wine aisle, Cosmopolitan could strengthen consumer engagement and loyalty and further promote its presence as a lifestyle brand.