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Cruise for Content

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 12, 2021

Pinterest is well known for its home and fashion content, but now the social media site hits the gas on a new preference push. As part of its updated ad tool kit for marketers, the platform will appeal to auto enthusiasts with car content and purchasing features. 

Social media shopping has risen in popularity over the past two years, but while many retailers and fashion brands have relied on Pinterest promotions in the past, the auto industry is just getting started. Pinterest plans to work with numerous auto brands to launch activations and specialty ads that could help users keep car buying top of mind. The social media platform will also utilize its Pin Extension feature, which allows members to browse a brand activation site within the Pinterest app. The pedal push for auto consumers follows a rising trend to purchase cars online during the Coronavirus pandemic. With many car dealerships halting test-drives or in-person shopping during the crisis, Pinterest’s push for engagement could give automakers a new identity online and help reach a unique range of car buyers. 

As part of its marketing strategy, Pinterest invites auto brands to build AR and VR activations that can give viewers a life-like look at new vehicles. Doing so could help brands captivate a large audience of consumers, as a 2020 Pinterest UK poll found that 66% of users viewed branded auto content favorably. Additionally, 60% of potential car consumers discovered vehicles they liked via Pinterest, with 33% actually going on to purchase a car afterwards. Given these results, it makes sense that car brands are already lining up to work with Pinterest. The first to do so is BMW, which created an interactive experience that introduces consumers to its 4 Series Coupé by way of short videos and 360 degree AR navigation tools. The experience could help BMW engage homebound consumers and build a following beyond social media staples like Instagram and Twitter, according to a Gartner report

The pandemic altered the traditional car buying experience, with automakers shifting gears to connect with consumers via social media and mobile means. By boosting its in-app features for auto brands, Pinterest could appeal to a new audience of users and put plans for future brand partnerships into full speed.