Daily Insights

Dance for Dinner

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 24, 2020

Burger King introduced a new promotion on TikTok that lets fans win food discounts for completing its Whopper Dance Challenge. The home of the Whopper enlisted three TikTok influencers—Loren Gray, Avani, and Nathan Davis Jr.—to share the specially created dance with their combined 73 million followers to kick off the campaign. Viewers could then copy the dance, which is made up of moves representing various burger combinations, and post it on their own pages. The “dance ordering” campaign gets fans a Whopper for $1 by following Burger King on TikTok and uploading their routine with the hashtag #WhopperDance. The brand will then direct message users on the app with a personalized discount code to be used for drive-thru and delivery orders until June 28. 

Burger King is tapping into the viral dance challenges TikTok has become known for. The brand is following in the footsteps of other dance-centric campaigns, including e.l.f. Cosmetic’s successful “Eyes, Lips, Face” challenge and Mucinex’s “Zombie Dance” challenge. Both brands found success with their songs and dances, garnering over a billion views each. A Gartner report found that brands should prepare for underestimated virality for social media campaigns, which is worth noting for Burger King as its  dance hashtag has received nearly 30 million views since launching on June 18. By messaging fans their promo codes on the app, Burger King could also gather data on its TikTok fan base—including how many people complete the challenge and the age range most receptive to the promotion. The campaign could also grow the brand’s following on TikTok, which could help it when holding other campaigns in the future.  

With record downloads during the Coronavirus pandemic, TikTok has become the new go-to spot for social campaigns. As the pandemic disrupted traditional advertising, Burger King’s shift to a TikTok campaign could provide a successful strategy for continuing to reach young social media users and stay top of mind with loyal customers.