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Dew You Cook?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 12, 2020

Mountain Dew embraces its lemon-lime flavor by turning its classic soda into a key cooking ingredient. The beverage brand rolls out a new cookbook, where every recipe calls for a can of Mountain Dew. 

The Big Bold Book of MTN Dew Recipes is a new, atypical cookbook dedicated to cooking with Mountain Dew. The 96-page book includes appetizers, dinners, desserts, and cocktails, all split into aptly named sections, such as “DEW Does Dinner” and “Liquid Legends”. Consumers can make anything from Mountain Dew pancakes to Mountain Dew jalapeno poppers, and even a Mountain Dew Moscow Mule. The cookbook is designed for amateur and expert chefs, which allows Mountain Dew to reach dedicated fans at any experience level. The Big Bold Book of MTN Dew Recipes will sell for $30 once it launches on Mountain Dew’s online store in mid-November. By rolling out the cookbook during the holiday shopping season, Mountain Dew could promote it as a perfect niche gift for soda or cooking fans alike. Additionally, driving fans to its e-commerce site to purchase the cookbook could boost sales as consumers peruse other branded merchandise on the platform. 

Mountain Dew could build buzz around its cookbook on social media, where it often engages with its more than 1.1 million followers over unique soda-food hybrids and flavor fusions. As its loyal following has grown accustomed to uncommon combinations, Mountain Dew’s cookbook recipes could appeal to and help bubble up excitement across its digital and social channels. By turning to Instagram and Twitter in particular, Mountain Dew could engage users via videos, as consumer thirst for social media food clips has surged during the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, with more people cooking at home during the pandemic according to a Gartner report, now could prove a prime opportunity for engagement as novice chefs look online for recipes and recipe books. 

Releasing a cookbook for the holidays, as opposed to branded apparel or accessories, could help Mountain Dew stand out from competition, particularly as consumer interest in brand products continues to grow. While many brands, such as 7-Eleven or Mucinex, have strengthened brand loyalty via custom merchandise, Mountain Dew’s cookbook allows consumers to demonstrate their devotion in a new, interactive way. The cookbook could also outlast traditional branded merchandise, as the recipes could stand the test of time, allowing Mountain Dew to continually stay relevant with users. 

Mountain Dew could find a recipe for success through its new cookbook. With the Big Bold Book of MTN Dew Recipes, the beverage brand can taste-test a new marketing strategy that could encourage engagement with holiday shoppers and loyal customers, alike.