Daily Insights

Diapers Are Forever

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 09, 2021

Huggies hops on the Super Bowl marketing train as the first diaper brand to make its debut on the long-awaited Sunday.

The 30-second ad featured babies born on game day, a fresh and certainly present take on one of the biggest advertising days of the year. Babies are shown doing what they do best—eating, sleeping, and if course, using their diapers—sometimes all at once, proving that pandemic or not, babyhood remains the same.

Not only do diapers and game day seem like an unlikely duo, U.S. birth rates are at an all time low – both of which make this quite the power move for the pampers brand. Huggies, which boasts a comfortable spot in the Gifted category of Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, recognized that its audience is more than just parents and parents-to-be, but also, friends of parents and friends of parents-to-be. Additionally, football fandoms often span generations, so viewers can range in age from anywhere between seven and seventy. Finally, the ad clarifies that every day, even on the biggest football day of the year, babies are born and for that reason, diapers are, in fact, forever.