Daily Insights

Digital Denim Makeover

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 21, 2020

Using augmented reality, Levi’s takes its jeans from the store to the screen in a new multi-tiered campaign

Levi’s reshapes how consumers shop for jeans in the pandemic era by rolling out digital try-on capabilities, group video shopping, and a virtual closet on Snapchat. The experiences are designed to mimic a traditional, back-to-school mall shopping trip, where friends can go to stores together and try on different clothes. However, as malls and schools are impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic this year, Levi’s updated sales strategy allows it to meet students wherever they are. For its group video shopping, Levi’s offers virtual experiences, including video chats with a Levi’s stylist who will cater trends and product offerings to small groups of friends and family, which can then be purchased from Levi’s website. The shared experience is held on Squad, Levi’s digital video app partner, which provides a similar group viewing experience to those rolled out recently by streaming services like Disney and Netflix. 

Levi’s is focusing its back to school push on Gen Z consumers in particular, so it makes sense that it’s also turning to Snapchat for the new campaign. Levi’s added its new products to Kohl’s virtual closet on Snapchat, where users can browse different collections and mix and match pieces of clothing. The partnership could help Levi’s build up its social media presence and connect with tech savvy customers. As Snapchat users cannot see what the new clothes will look like on themselves, Levi’s also teamed up with Zeekit, a startup specializing in AR clothing try-ons. Through the platform, Levi’s shoppers can view clothing on a variety of virtual models, which can give them a more accurate view of what the items could look like on themselves. Levi’s also made the virtual try-on models size-inclusive, which could appeal to shoppers who may be unsure of what size clothing to get without being able to go into a dressing room. Levi’s investment in digital marketing platforms like Zeekit, Squad, and Snapchat could further cement its status as a retail giant, according to a Gartner report on the topic, and allow it to keep up with consumer shopping trends. 

With the school year back in session, Levi’s is testing out a variety of new methods to reach students beyond its stores. By working with several startups and brands, Levi’s could deepen its digital footprint and shape up for a new era of retail.