Daily Insights

Digital Dressing Room

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 17, 2020

Online retailer ASOS is making dress shopping a breeze with its new digital try-on feature. 

Using augmented reality, ASOS has released a tool called “See My Fit” that allows customers to look at a product in different sizes and on various body types. ASOS customers can view over eight hundred dresses available on the site via the tool—giving them plenty of options to find a dress and style they think would fit best on themselves. According to a Gartner report on the topic, customers are dependent on sizing and fit information when shopping, but wary that tools used online will often fail to accurately size them. Given how crucial this information is to customers but how unreliable brands have been in the past with digital sizing, it makes sense that ASOS is taking a non-traditional approach to online size guides. ASOS is currently the only European retailer to trial the technology, which was developed by Israeli AR company Zeekit and will show dresses in UK sizes 4-16. 

See My Fit is actually an extension of an AR project ASOS originally piloted in 2018. In the original endeavor, shoppers could digitally view an item on four different models to determine which fit they related to most. That same year ASOS also released “Fit Assistant” which utilized machine learning to deliver personal size recommendations. In 2019, the brand launched the “Digital Catwalk” which allowed customers to view models in ninety different products walking into a room to see how items appeared in action. 

Though the use of AR is nothing new in the fashion industry, ASOS’ new tool marks more than just another page in the brand’s AR book. It reflects on a growing trend for inclusivity and personalization that other brands may want to take note of.