Daily Insights

Dior Gets Filtered

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 01, 2019

Dior is working with Snapchat for the first time to create filters for the launch of its new collection with luggage company Rimowa.

The luxury fashion brand created Snapchat filters that include its new personal clutch and Rimowa suitcase. Snapchat users can try out the world lenses, face lenses, or marker tech depending on their location. Using augmented reality, users can apply the ‘Dior Oblique’ filter to their face, while the world lenses will reveal a futuristic car where users can discover the new suitcase. The marker tech will appear for people in Miami, Dubai and Paris when they plug in a specific activation code on Snapchat. Diors’ collaboration with Snapchat comes after the brand’s partnerships with Instagram over the past year. Instagram remains the main platform brands use to invest in social commerce, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic, but with 191 million daily users, Snapchat continues to be a steady platform for promoting business ventures. 

Dior plans to have all of the Snapchat filters rolled out globally by January 2020. In addition to promoting the new collection, Dior’s Snapchat filter foray could add a touch of fun and whimsicality to otherwise typical product launches.

Dior is taking advantage of creating filters on Snapchat and using them to modernize the brand’s product promotions. Releasing the filters on Snapchat, rather than Instagram, could also open the brand up to new audiences and make room for future partnerships.