Daily Insights

Dior’s Design for Educational Equality

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 12, 2020

Dior partnered with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to give 100 female students from countries including Niger, Pakistan, and Jamaica a new educational opportunity which includes a mentorship program with Dior staff and a 10-month online learning initiative. The partnership is an extension of Dior’s previously established Women@Dior mentorship program which provides volunteer employees to tutor and guide young women. 

Through the new program, Dior will help female students navigate their disrupted education during the Coronavirus pandemic. Working with their mentors, the students will also learn about female empowerment and develop skills to help them develop a career path. The partnership is weaving  Dior’s Dreams For Change initiative in as well, which will see each of the students design a final project around women’s empowerment based on the lessons learned through the months-long program. Dior and its owner LVMH will offer support for some of the top projects, signalling a strong commitment to diversifying its brand image, according to a Gartner report, that could allow it to reach new, younger consumers who favor brands that pursue social issues. 

With the Coronavirus pandemic worsening educational inequality for girls around the world, Dior and UNESCO’s new program can spotlight the need for female education, empowerment, and inclusion. By working with UNESCO, Dior can create a new initiative that could last for years after the pandemic and further reach students around the world who may not otherwise have access to the luxury label’s resources.