Daily Insights

Disruptors Play by Different Rules

By: Ben Romero | Sep 12, 2019

Disruptive brands often get to play by different rules as growth-stage businesses without public shareholders.

Upstarts can more readily allocate their budgets to longterm goals, such as faster and cheaper fulfillment, carefully selecting areas of over-investment with the aim of achieving loyalty. For example, while less than a third of brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic offer free shipping on e-commerce orders without a minimum, more than half of disruptive brands provide that capability. Not only do disruptors prioritize fulfillment benefits, they also take a more creative approach to customer service.

Lacking large customer service teams, disruptors elevate online customer service to connect consumers with the answers to their questions. Over half of disruptors promote live chat directly on product pages, in stark contrast to the only 19% adoption by studied brands. Disruptors are also more likely to design intuitive and engaging FAQ pages: 44% of disruptors ensure that FAQ pages are searchable, compared to just a fifth of total tracked brands.

The behavior of empowering consumers through self-service content isn’t just limited to the site experience. Activewear upstart Outdoor Voices creates emails around FAQs, while Everlane regularly integrates user reviews into email campaigns. While the majority of brands exhibit a stagnant approach, disruptors take advantage of the customer service experience as a brand-building opportunity.