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Dole’s Ap-peel for the Planet

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 09, 2020

Dole International has launched a large-scale campaign with a focus on global health and sustainability. The Dole Promise includes an extensive plan to eliminate food waste, prioritize recycling, and reach zero carbon emissions by 2030. Two of the brand’s subsidiaries, Dole Packaged Foods and Dole Asia Fresh, are also working under the plan with a pledge to move toward zero fossil-based plastic packaging in the next five years. 

The company is altering parts of its supply chain to meet its new targets, including processing excess waste in factories that can turn it into electricity and using the skin from some of its fruits, like pineapples and bananas, to create environmentally-friendly packaging. In addition to The Dole Promise, the food company announced the creation of an annual fund that will work with nutrition startups and partners that could provide assistance in reaching its sustainability goals. With this fund, named the Sunshine for All Investment Fund, Dole plans to donate $2 million each year to help hit its environmental objectives. 

To promote its new sustainability campaign, Dole released a 90-second commercial called “Dear Leaders of the World”. The ad is told from the perspective of a child asking why brands and world leaders are not doing more to help the environment. Dole ends the commercial by listing its sustainability promises and telling viewers “we may not have all the answers, but are committed to finding them.” Dole is running the ad online, on TV, and across its social media channels, allowing it a greater chance at educating large audiences and increasing engagement with sustainability-minded consumers, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Dole is taking a lofty, global approach to increasing its sustainability practices. By announcing its pledge through an international campaign, the brand could connect with eco-conscious consumers around the world whose support for its goals could help grow a loyal brand audience while bolstering its presence in the sustainability sector.