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Don’t Overlook This Oscars Newcomer

By: Nafia Islam | Feb 25, 2019

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was marked by an unexpected showing from a newcomer. We’re not talking about Rami Malek or Olivia Colman, but about Hennessy, which debuted its first-ever Oscars commercial. 

Directed by three-time Oscar nominee Ridley Scott, the commercial highlights the cognac’s seven flavor notes, from “rising heat” to “wood crunches.” This is a digital age, so in addition to showing up on TV screens, the ad could be seen across social media platforms. It’s currently garnered over a million views on YouTube alone—roughly 4% of last year’s total Academy Awards viewership.


Longform video content has been part of Hennessy’s marketing strategy for some time, but the brand has lately taken to diversifying content across channels, tailoring videos for specific platforms. In addition to posting the longform version of the ad on YouTube, the liquor brand also released shorter content from the campaign on its Instagram and Facebook accounts, evidence that it still has the digital savvy that earned it a Gifted rank in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Spirits back in 2015 (a more up-to-date Spirits ranking will be released this year). While TV ads continue to be important, Hennessy recognizes that digital is a vital supplement to any broadcast campaign. 

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