Daily Insights

Don’t You Forget About Me

By: Isabel Gross | Jul 11, 2019

Just as consumers easily access a brand site with one search, they easily exit out with the click of a button. Among DTC brands in this year’s Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color , the average bounce rate is 53%. Recognizing this, brands have implemented strategies to entice consumers to purchase and reduce cart abandonment before clicking away from the site. 

16% of brands tracked by Gartner L2 provide a discount toward the first purchase after email registration and visibly present this offer on the brand site, typically on the homepage. For example, upon visiting Amika’s site, consumers are prompted with a pop-up that asks for an email address in exchange for 15% off their first order. This strategy encourages consumers to purchase before they even place an item in the cart, the effects of which can be seen through page visits – the cart is the second most-visited page on Amika’s site. dpHUE, in contrast, waits for consumers to abandon their cart before sending a discount code over email to complete the transaction. This strategy allows brands to not so readily give away a discount, but still urge the consumer to complete a transaction. Brands such as Miss Jessie’s and Verb send reminder emails without a discount that display the items saved in the cart.


For brands that offer discounts, the shopping cart is, on average, within the top four most-visited pages on site, providing evidence that this incentive may facilitate traffic to the shopping cart. In comparison, the shopping cart is the 9th most visited page on average for brands that do not offer purchase discounts. Additionally, brands that implement these strategies demonstrate strong site traffic as well, on average achieving 6.3% more monthly site traffic than DTC brands  that do not provide a discount or follow-up email. If brands struggle with cart abandonment or consumer loyalty, implementing strategies such as a discount from email registration, discount on items saved in cart, or a reminder email might provide the necessary incentives to drive consumers to cart.