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Dove’s Backbone to Beauty

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 02, 2020

Dove is speaking directly to teenagers in its latest confidence-boosting campaign. 

Dove has created a five-episode series called “Girls Room” to highlight the body image issues teen girls face when going through adolescence. Writer and actor Lena Waithe helped create the series, which is set in home and school bathrooms—a common space where girls judge their own appearances. The series will air on ATTN’s, Dove’s parent website, and IGTV channeland was designed specifically for mobile viewing—a clever move, not only because skin care brands have some of the highest engagement rates on the platform—according to a Gartner report on the topic, but also because teen girls use Instagram almost more than any other group.  The videos are each a few minutes long, and each episode discusses a different societal pressure affecting young girls, including social media and bullying. 

For years Dove has promoted self-acceptance and body positivity, but this is one of the first initiatives that will see the brand directly targeting teen girls. The series is inspired by Dove’s already established campaign, Dove Self Esteem Project, and is kicking off in March as it’s Women’s History Month. Dove will be using the project’s social media hashtag, #DoveSelfEsteemProject, to promote the videos. The brand marketing to teenagers through empowering, body-positive messaging could gain Dove loyalty with younger consumers, who could associate the brand with positive connotations for years to come. 

The “Girls Room” is Dove’s latest push to engage and encourage female consumers. By rolling out the campaign during Women’s History Month, Dove could stay top of mind with shoppers, while inspiring potential customers.