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Dove’s Devotion to Healthcare Heroes

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 16, 2020

Dove is showcasing the beauty and courage of healthcare workers on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Dove is highlighting the beauty in heroism in its Real Beauty advertising campaign with a new video ad. Titled “Courage is Beautiful”, the ad pays tribute to the doctors and nurses working tirelessly during the pandemic. The ad features various photos of healthcare workers in their scrubs and protective equipment, with a focus on the deep facial indentations left behind from their masks. The “battle scars” highlighted in the ad have become a commonplace consequence for doctors and nurses as they often wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for many hours a day.

Dove originally created an ad showing courageous Canadian healthcare workers before replicating the idea with images of American doctors and nurses. In addition to “Courage is Beautiful”, which is running on digital media and television, Dove created a commercial encouraging viewers to wash their hands—this ad is running in global markets to remind all people to practice good hygiene. The brand, currently ranked in the top ten of Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, even states in the ad “We don’t care which soap you use, we care that you care” in its new ad, along with a matching hashtag, #WashToCare

In addition to the video ads, Dove is donating $2 million to Direct Relief, a nonprofit providing PPE to medical professionals, personal care products to hospitals across New Jersey, including 200,000 masks, and $2.5 million worth of products to Feeding America to give families across the U.S. access to food during the pandemic. 

Dove is paying tribute to healthcare workers financially and emotionally through its relief efforts. By highlighting healthcare workers’ beauty through courage, Dove is reminding viewers what is really important during these times.