Daily Insights

Drink and Donate

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 08, 2019

Pepsi is sprinkling holiday cheer in the form of its new gift-giving promotion. 

Pepsi fans can go out and buy eligible 12-packs of Pepsi and enter the QR code to play a digital scratch-off game. Those that find three globe icons are then eligible to win anywhere from $5-$25,000. Pepsi has also thrown a twist into the game so that anyone who wins does not get to keep their cash prize—instead they pass it on to friends, family, or United Way—Pepsi’s charity of choice. The promotion is meant to encourage others to give during the holiday season and put a spin on typical gift-giving. Participants can also enter the Gift It Forward program, which automatically enters them to win a four-day, all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico sponsored by Pepsi partners Marriott and JetBlue. To properly promote this charitable venture, Pepsi has increased its yearly marketing budget by 12%. The increased budget could help Pepsi raise awareness about its new campaign, particularly as the brand grows its social media presence from the 1,900,000 interactions it has had in the past twelve months, according to a Gartner L2 report.  

Pepsi has also partnered with certain NFL and NHL stadiums around the country where one Pepsi-drinking fan will be chosen at random during a game and awarded money. To encourage passing on, the fan will have to decide on the spot whether to keep the money for themselves, or award ten times the amount to an entire row of people somewhere else in the stadium. 

Having its sweepstakes digitized can make it easier for more people to participate and engage in Pepsi’s new promotion. And while many beverage companies are turning to digital promotions this holiday season, Pepsi hopes to set itself apart by placing the power of gift-giving in the hands (and cans) of fans.