Daily Insights

Driven to Dream

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 28, 2020

Staying home during lockdown has left many dreaming of the days when things will get back to normal. BMW’s latest ad both sympathizes with social-distancers and dares them to indulge in a driving daydream. 

The car company released a 15-second spot reminding customers that life will resume soon enough. The commercial depicts a dog and his owner, both with their heads out the window, hair blowing in the wind, before the camera zooms out and viewers see that the car is actually still in the driveway and the wind was, in fact, from a leaf blower. The ad suggests to viewers that even if long car rides are not in the cards, getting out of the house and into their car could offer all the escape they need right now. The commercial concludes by reminding viewers that “joy rides are right around the corner” and soon enough customers could leave their homes to drive around guilt-free. 

BMW’s ad could not only bring a smile to viewers’ faces, but remind them of the simple pleasure of driving around with the windows down. By highlighting a familiar feeling across its global channels, BMW could bring its community closer together. The commercial is primarily being promoted on Instagram, which makes sense as it’s the platform that generates the most interactions for luxury auto brands, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, BMW adopted the international hashtag, #StaySafe, to remind viewers that social distancing is still important during the crisis. On its U.S. channels, the company is also using the hashtag #DaydreamingOfDriving to connect with its millions of followers longing for long drives again. 

By putting a playful spin on one of the challenges that came with the Coronavirus pandemic, BMW could unite its community and drive a message of optimism home, possibly tapping into new audiences enticed by its positivity and humor.