Daily Insights

Drugstore Delivery

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 23, 2020

DoorDash has launched a new collaboration with Walgreens to deliver “everyday essentials” to customers in the United States. App users can shop from over 2,300 Walgreens products, including over-the-counter medications, beauty products, and snacks. The brands are launching the delivery service in Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver, with plans to expand to other major markets such as Phoenix and Seattle later on this summer. To promote the rollout, DoorDash is doling out 20% discounts to customers with Walgreens orders of over $15. 

Walgreens is the latest national brand to utilize DoorDash’s delivery functionality. In June, the courier app announced partnerships with CVS, WaWa, CircleK, and 7-Eleven to increase convenience shopping for homebound consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic. By working with a number of national and regional chains, DoorDash could reach a wider audience while growing its delivery services. In particular, DoorDash encourages shoppers to order household items through its courier partners, as many shoppers would not deem it essential to go to a store just to pick up paper towels, for example, but would be more inclined to have them dropped off in a pinch. The app’s contactless drop-off option could further incentivize customers to order household essentials through the app so as to continue social distancing during the pandemic. 

Walgreens has also been expanding its courier partnerships recently. DoorDash is the brand’s second delivery partner in recent months, following a deal with Postmates that began this past April. The partnership works with 7,000 Walgreens locations across the nation, with stores matched to customers based on their geolocation. Like its competitor DoorDash, Postmates also made contactless delivery an option, which could allow it to align its offering with evolving consumer preferences and potentially increase retention rates according to a Gartner report. Other courier apps have also expanded mobile functionalities during the pandemic, though rivals like Uber have focused more on grocery delivery. Both DoorDash and Postmates’ new partnerships with businesses not in the grocery or restaurant sector signal a changing preference among consumers looking to increase convenience in their everyday life during the pandemic. 

By making everything from medication to toilet paper available for doorstep dropoff, courier apps like DoorDash could expand their reach to new consumers who have never tried delivery apps before, but remain loyal to their favorite drugstores. Enabling timely features like contactless delivery could also encourage newer users to repeatedly use courier apps for additional services—such as food or grocery delivery—during and long after the pandemic.