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DVF Diverts To Decor

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 19, 2020

H&M teams up with Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) to give its interior design department a luxury lift. Instead of wrap dresses, DVF will lend a land in curating candles, cushions, and more home decor. 

Beginning in 2021, H&M will sell a DVF capsule collection online and in-store that includes vases, blankets, and candles in signature prints. The collection will be the first fashion partnership for H&M, following previous collaborations with interior designer Johnathan Adler and model Poppy Delevingne. The collection is spearheaded by DVF founder Diane Von Furstenberg, who helped create the patterns for each item. The collection will launch amidst a surge in demand for home decor during the Coronavirus pandemic, led in part by consumers spending more time inside and redesigning their spaces while in lockdown. As luxury fashion has suffered economic losses during the crisis, DVF’s collaboration could help it make a name for itself in a new industry and potentially make up for lost sales. 

Working with H&M Home allows DVF to introduce its recognizable print styles to a new audience. While the collection propels DVF to connect with consumers outside of apparel, the partnership could also help the label reach male shoppers, as its own luxury label currently only caters to female shoppers. Creating a unisex homeware collection could help DVF diversify its offerings and boost its image as a lifestyle brand, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, as DVF items are often higher priced, working with budget-friendly H&M could interest a fresh batch of consumers, including younger shoppers who frequent the mass retailer for its affordable apparel and accessories. As the entire collection will launch on H&M’s website, DVF has an extended opportunity to reach new consumers, including those who prefer e-commerce to in-store shopping. Furthermore, H&M will launch the collection internationally, meaning any customer—including those not near a brick and mortar location—can purchase the products, which could help boost DVF’s presence around the world.  

By moving beyond fashion and into furnishings, DVF could set the stage for future lifestyle launches, allowing it to connect with consumers of any age and gender looking for affordable, yet luxurious goods.