Daily Insights

Dyson’s Festive Demonstrations

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 21, 2020

Household appliance brand Dyson appeals to science-loving students with its new “Festive Engineering Challenges” that include holiday themed STEM projects for kids. 

The at-home activities are part crafting, part science experiment and are designed to get children in the holiday spirit while learning something new, as well. Dyson published a series of free crafts and instructions, which parents and students can download for a quick, homebound hobby. Experiments include making Frosty the Snowman using ice and a tin can and creating an “earthquake-proof” gingerbread house. Each experiment channels a classic holiday activity or character and weaves in actual physics and science lessons to help children learn even while school is on break. The Festive Engineering Challenges could boost Dyson’s digital presence and help it engage younger audiences. With younger consumers turning online for entertainment during the pandemic, Dyson’s easy-to-read and download PDF experiment guides could prove appealing, engaging, and accessible for youthful tech users. 

Dyson’s holiday themed experiments follow an earlier publication of environmental-focused activities released at the start of the pandemic. While the original activities taught students about air pollution and engineering, both those and the new experiments benefited the James Dyson Foundation, the brand’s philanthropic arm dedicated to teaching students about STEM. By releasing both sets of entertainment booklets for free online, Dyson boosts its chances of reaching and resonating with students and furthering the mission of its foundation. Consumer demand for at-home entertainment during the pandemic could also help Dyson turn its limited-edition campaign into a long-lasting initiative, which could help build loyalty with students for years to come. As for its newest, holiday themed experiments, the features could engross entire families—not just young students—and help Dyson boost its image as a household brand. With sales for its home appliances growing significantly this year according to a Gartner report, the science experiments could also keep the brand top of mind and potentially help sustain sales. 

Dyson’s seasonal science experiments could make learning from home fun for kids during the pandemic. The free entertainment could also help boost loyalty with family consumers and introduce Dyson to a new generation of tech savvy consumers.