Daily Insights

Electable and Delectable

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 01, 2020

In honor of the 2020 election year, Dunkin’ is hosting its own party, The Donut Party, in which fans get to elect their donut representatives. The donut company is holding Election Day on June 5—also known as National Donut Day—where customers can cast a ballot for their preferred “canDOUGHdate”. The timely promotion could help Dunkin’ effectively connect with  fans looking for levity, particularly as they grow tired of melancholic ads during the Coronavirus pandemic. As such, Dunkin’ is showing off its confectionery contenders in a 15-second ad running on television and digital media. Fans can pick from popular donuts including the glazed, jelly, or Boston creme, and show support for their preferred treat through Dunkin’s new Zoom backgrounds and GIPHY stickers. 

For the campaign, Dunkin’ is giving away a year’s worth of free donuts to fans that create the best slogans for The Donut Party. From June 3-5, users can go on Instagram and answer the question “What does the Donut Party stand for to you?” with the hashtag #DunkinDonutPartySweepstakes. Additionally, the brand created polls on Instagram for fans to put on their stories and see whose Donut Party beliefs align with their own. Along with Instagram, Dunkin’ is using Twitter and Facebook to market its National Donut Day promotion and give fans a free donut with any beverage purchase. The brand is currently offering drive-thru, carry-out, curbside pickup, and delivery at its stores across the country. Dunkin’ has also partnered with Grubhub for the political campaign by gifting random orders a free half-dozen donuts when they order through the delivery app. 

Dunkin is combining a digital campaign with an in-store push at a time when restaurant brands need foot traffic. By creating a campaign not centralized around the Coronavirus crisis, the brand could stand out amongst restaurant competitors and bring voters a sense of satisfaction not often found in politics.