Daily Insights

Election Day Eats

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 16, 2020

Through November 3, Uber will offer 50% rides to polling locations in a bid to help voters get out and vote. Users can search for their polling location on Uber, which will automatically apply the Election Day discount for rides both to and from the polls. Once voters arrive at their polling station, Uber could be there supplying free snacks from food trucks through a new partnership with Pizza to the Polls, a nonprofit that brings food to poll workers and voters. Uber is deploying 180 food trucks to cities around the country, including Phoenix, Arizona, Charleston, South Carolina, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. In total, food trucks will be available in 25 U.S. cities beginning October 24. The food trucks will not stay at just one location, but rather, will drive around looking for long lines outside polling stations. If voters face long lines at their polling station, they can submit their location to Pizza to the Polls, which will then send over a food truck. 

The initiative will run through Uber Eats as an extension of its traditional food delivery services. The trucks will be easily recognizable to voters in line, as they include both Uber and Pizza to the Polls’ logos and phrases like “Democracy Is Delicious” on the side. Each food truck will be partnered with popular, local restaurants, including VooDoo Doughnut in Austin and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken in Nashville. New York City’s famous Milk Bar will also serve as a national partner, bringing cookies and desserts to every food truck across the country. Hungry voters can head to Pizza to the Polls’ website to find a list of each city and restaurant participating in the voting initiative. By partnering with Uber, local restaurants can connect with customers outside of their traditional locations and boost their presence as socially-active businesses. Additionally, the campaign could spur repeat engagement on Uber’s app and help it connect with politically-active consumers, according to a Gartner report. With the Coronavirus pandemic potentially impacting in-person turnout, Uber’s food truck drive could also spur an increase in voters at the polls. 

Uber is keeping consumers well informed and well fed this election day. With its food truck push, Uber could appeal to consumers who are politically active—with an appetite.