Daily Insights

Email Grocery Shopping

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 29, 2020

Walmart has partnered with Yahoo Mail to make grocery shopping available via email. “Groceries From Walmart” is available for customers on desktop as well as through the Yahoo Mail app. To go grocery shopping via Yahoo Mail, customers simply browse products and put them in their virtual cart, which is housed in their email inbox. The shopping carts do not expire, so users can add products throughout whenever they’d like and check out once they are ready. Users will be matched with their closest Walmart store for checkout, with the pickup and delivery options mirroring those available through the mega store’s website. 

Digital grocery shopping has grown exponentially since the Coronavirus pandemic began, with 40% more Americans shopping for groceries online now than before the crisis. While grocery delivery brands such as Shipt and Instacart have surged in popularity thanks to the growing trend, many grocery stores like Walmart and Kroger have also upped their delivery and pick-up features to meet consumer demand. The introduction of email grocery shopping will now be a first, not only for users, but for Walmart and Yahoo Mail as well. The service also includes personalized recommendations for email users, which could help both companies get a better understanding of online shopping patterns. Rolling out the new initiative also gives Walmart an original way to promote its grocery services, which it has been modifying over the past year to make more accessible to a wider audience according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Groceries From Walmart could help the big box brand drive additional consumers to its grocery services, while also allowing Yahoo Mail to set itself apart from email competitors and potentially increase the amount of time users spend on its platform. The ease of the service could see it become a commonplace practice—and given how often most people check their emails each day—grocery shopping via email could easily fit into many consumers’ daily routine.