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Embrace the Future to Appeal to Multicultural Consumers

By: Jack Mackinnon | Feb 17, 2020

Brands tend to emphasize family, heritage, and loyalty when marketing to African American, Latino, and Asian American consumers, but those traditional values have declined in relevance for all three groups.

Today’s multicultural consumers prioritize practicality, personal growth, tenacity, and learning more than they did ten years ago. Success earns first place as the most important value. Marketers that want to stay relevant to the 40% of U.S. consumers who identify as multicultural will have to update their strategies.

Multicultural priorities will grow in relevance in the coming decades as the share of multicultural consumers flips to the majority—a majority of younger Americans are already multicultural. Though African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans each have their own priorities, they experience some common challenges and concerns that show up in their values when compared as a group to those of white consumers. 

 A number of brands are already adapting in line with today’s multicultural consumer. Beverage giant Hennessey’s “WE ARE” campaign celebrates the current generation of African American artists, and insurance company State Farm focuses on success for the next generation in its latest campaigns.

And while it’s important to understand how you can serve specific groups, some issues are universal across ethnic and cultural boundaries. Multicultural and white consumers equally highlight financial stress as a source of increased pressure, for instance. Likewise, people of all backgrounds struggle to commit time to stress-reducing activities like sleep, exercise, and healthy eating. That may be why simplicity is a rising value for all consumer groups—one that brands can tap into by making decisions easier or building stress reduction into the customer experience.