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Equinox Flexes Its Fashion Muscle

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 16, 2020

With home fitness moving from trend to lifestyle, Equinox tries on a new strategy to meet health conscious consumers. 

Equinox moves into the e-commerce space with its new store, The Shop. The Shop will be home to original Equinox products as well as 80 apparel, accessory, and beauty brands. The addition of The Shop marks Equinox’s largest shift to retail yet, as it typically relies on gym memberships for the majority of its sales. However, with many of its gyms shuttering during the Coronavirus pandemic, stretching into the virtual retail space could help Equinox make up for lost sales and build a competitive advantage over other luxury gyms and activewear brands, according to a Gartner report. Opening a store also allows Equinox to boost its e-commerce presence to keep up with consumer trends, such as working out at home or athleisure apparel. While all of the brands currently available at The Shop are also sold at Equinox brick and mortar locations, more partners—including exclusively virtual companies—could be added in the near future.  

Premiering The Shop online could help Equinox find which products resonate most with at-home shoppers compared to what sells best at its gyms. This strategy could also help Equinox experiment with new brands, as The Shop could offer more partners and products than a traditional brick and mortar location. As Equinox flexes more than 350,000 members who spend an average of $3,500 a year, The Shop could not only appeal to them, but help them feel more connected even when they are not at a location. Equinox could also partner its retail offerings with its home-based workout classes that kicked off earlier this year. Launching The Shop now allows Equinox to tap into the exploding activewear and athleisure trends while continuing to focus on at-home exercising. To further engage its consumers, Equinox will also roll out a feature that lets them shop an instructor’s outfit after class, which could boost digital engagement and brand awareness. As consumer interest in branded merchandise continues to grow, Equinox’s exclusive shop could strengthen member loyalty and become a virtual and brick and mortar fashion favorite. 

Equinox expands beyond exercise with a new e-commerce platform dedicated to fitness fashion. By moving into the retail space, Equinox could evolve from workout destination to lifestyle label.