Daily Insights

Facebook’s Musical Medley

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 18, 2020

Facebook takes a page from TikTok’s playbook with a new app designed for collaborative music videos. Facebook’s Collab allows users to join together virtually to create music, with up to three artists able to play together at the same time. 

Collab will operate in a similar way as TikTok and Reels in that users can scroll through a homepage to see various, randomized videos as well as “duet” clips with strangers to add their own takes. What separates Collab from competitors, however, is that it is fully music based and relies on users to be their own artists by writing, playing, or singing their own songs or covers. Whereas TikTok popularized dancing and singing along to an already recorded song, Collab hopes to appeal to independent musicians and artists looking to share their own music or work with other users digitally to collaborate. Each short-form music video can include up to three independent videos and is automatically posted to the public “Collab” feed, where Facebook will credit creators for any original contributions. 

The lack of live music and concerts during the Coronavirus pandemic means Collab could appeal to an anticipated audience seeking a platform for creative expression, entertainment, and inspiration from home. Young consumers’ reliance on smartphones to stay connected and engaged could also prove beneficial to Facebook as it markets Collab as a fully mobile experience, according to a Gartner report. Merging common social media trends, like short-form videos and music, to create Collab also allows Facebook to differentiate its offerings in the social space. As “Story” features become the go-to setting for every social platform from Pinterest to LinkedIn, focusing on a separate trend could further help Facebook set itself apart from competitors. The launch of Collab follows several other Facebook-owned initiatives this year, including the global release of Facebook Dating and increased shopping capabilities on WhatsApp

Collab allows consumers to listen to music and watch mini concerts from the comfort of their home. As consumers continue to lean into mobile and social media entertainment, Facebook’s newest addition to its rapidly diversifying portfolio could give them something new to see and hear. .