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Fashion’s Fresh Fit

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 09, 2020

Prada’s Linea Rossa line will now house its newest recyclable textile, Extreme-Tex. The fabric is crafted from recycled polyester and notably omits several harmful compounds traditionally used in fashion’s waterproofing process. 

The luxury label’s decision to drop a whole collection made from recycled materials is one of the largest shifts from a fashion house this year. Linea Rossa is Prada’s line dedicated to performance-first clothes, with the latest collection including activewear and outerwear made from Extreme-Tex and other antibacterial components. By debuting the custom-made, eco-friendly fabric, Prada can boost its image as a sustainable brand and influence other luxury companies to further their eco-friendly efforts. 

Prada enlisted young celebrities and influencers to model the new collection, which could broaden its appeal as younger consumers are more keen on sustainability than older generations. By using global names that young shoppers may know, Prada could boost engagement and relevance and tap into Gen Z’s growing spending power, according to a Gartner report. The brand used recognizable names from different countries, including Chinese actress and dancer Jin Chen and American actress and activist Yara Shahidi, which could broaden Prada’s global appeal. 

The launch of Extreme-Tex for Linea Rossa follows Prada’s pledge to protect the oceans and help the fashion industry reduce global warming. Prada is one of the largest members of The Fashion Pact, a coalition of luxury and textile brands looking to increase sustainability in their industries. By taking a significant step forward and bringing sustainability directly to its consumers via Linea Rossa, Prada could set the stage for future environmental efforts and inspire other Pact members to do their part. 

With Prada’s new collection, its stance on sustainability can be made clear to consumers and competitors alike. The Linea Rossa 2020 Fall collection could be the start of the new era for Prada that puts an equal emphasis on environmental sustainability and fashion.