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Fast Food for Thought

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 03, 2020

McDonald’s has introduced an app, Archway to Careers, that allows employees to further streamline their careers with the company. The app will help workers find local educational and career opportunities, which employees can personalize to fit their goals. It’s an extension of one of the brand’s pre-existing programs—Archway to Opportunity—which provides increased access to educational opportunities and, to date, has awarded more than $90 million in tuition assistance. McDonald’s hopes the app will better help users find which program fits their needs and goals best. A focal point to the app is helping users learn soft skills and workforce preparedness that they can utilize in future careers. A Gartner report found that restaurants have increased investments in digital tools, and while many brands may focus digitally only on customers, McDonald’s is taking its digital investments to focalize internally. 

Additionally, Archway to Careers lists available positions at McDonald’s restaurants and corporate headquarters to help employees discover opportunities to advance their careers. The app, which is available for download on Apple and Android devices, comes with a digital bot named Kai that answers questions and provides research-backed advice to users. 

McDonald’s Archway to Opportunity has already assisted 50,000 employees, and by extending the program digitally the company hopes that number will greatly rise. McDonald’s is taking extra steps to help employees get an education, a move that could help the brand in return.