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FIFA’s Next Big Game Player

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 11, 2020

FIFA and Adidas are teaming up to take the FIFA Mobile game to the next level. 

FIFA Mobile is a popular soccer-themed video game, but now the brand is blurring the lines between virtual reality and the real world. EA Sports, the brand behind FIFA, has teamed up with Adidas and Google to create a smart shoe insole that tracks kicks and movements when a player is playing soccer. The insole is run by Google’s Jacquard wearable technology that connects to smartphones to track physical movements—this data is then linked to a user’s FIFA Mobile account where they can redeem in-game rewards. Whenever a user kicks or runs while playing an actual game of soccer, the movement will be translated into VR rewards on the app—though to transfer the data, users will first have to pull up the specially designed Adidas app, Adidas GMR, and then open the FIFA Mobile app to transmit the movements. 

According to Adidas, the insole can track kick measurements, shot power, distance and speed of a player using machine-learning algorithms. Players can compete to unlock in-game rewards and hit milestones each week, playing against FIFA users all around the world. The innovative technology is $40 and gives way to a next-level engagement opportunity. Many FIFA Mobile users are already avid soccer players or fans in real life, so giving them a way to connect their digital and physical passions could increase consumers loyalty for all of the brands involved. In the activewear and consumer electronics industries, brands have to use their ability to adapt digitally to stand out in the market, according to a Gartner report. This partnership to create a smart shoe insole shows brand dedication to evolving digitally through product distribution. 

Intertwining actual soccer playing with virtual games attests to the rise of gaming in popular culture. While Adidas has marked its territory in the industry with this product partnership, this could just be the starting point for EA Sports and FIFA Mobile.