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Find Your Mobile App Road Map

By: Evan Bakker | Jun 05, 2019

When deciding whether to build an app, brands must consider what audience they are trying to reach as well as their overall objectives. Here’s what brands must consider in order to manifest their ideal app.

Mobile apps must differentiate themselves from mobile sites to add value for consumers. Brands need to integrate app features that promote high rates of customer acquisition, retention and conversion. To accomplish this, they must include unique features not commonly found on mobile sites, like biometrics, push notifications, personalization and more.

While baseline features like push notifications are almost universally adopted by brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic, other, more sophisticated tools like preferences settings are only found in 35% of cases. Underwhelming adoption figures like this prove brands have decided to build apps without fully understanding how to properly execute them or tailor them to frequent, loyal users.

Brands must consider the following factors in order to realize their ideal app. Facets include the app’s objective, intended audience, competitive landscape, ideal content, the value added and its ability to integrate with other initiatives and assets. By understanding this road map, brands will have a clearer sense of the app archetype they fit into — transactional, repeat engagement or functional and experiential blend — as well as the specific product they’d like to build.

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