Daily Insights

Food From Far Away

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 08, 2020

UberEats is helping friends and family send food from afar with its new delivery feature. In the past, UberEats users could order food for friends or family, but the order-er would have to track the delivery. Now, the recipient can track the order or receive text updates without needing an UberEats account. The new feature is ideal for those in different states, as UberEats did not set a distance limit on the offering, and is in response to the effects of social distancing and the surge in food delivery during the pandemic. With closed restaurants and people unable to spend time together, food delivery could provide an alternative way to stay connected. 

To kick the feature off, UberEats partnered with Starbucks to let users send food or drinks to someone of their choice with free delivery. The courier partnership could help both brands retain loyal customers and incentivize repeat orders, according to a Gartner report. The collaboration is also a part of Starbucks’ #SendACup campaign. Users can look up which Starbucks locations are near their friends or family and order from there. As such, Starbucks is promoting the alliance with Mother’s Day in mind, encouraging users to order their mom’s favorite food and drinks if they are spending the holiday apart this year. 

Sending food is the newest way to connect during the Coronavirus crisis. While many friends and families are separated at the moment, UberEats’ new delivery feature could help bring them closer together and while giving business to restaurants across the country.