Daily Insights

Ford’s New Focus

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 24, 2020

Ford has swapped auto ads for a new program providing relief to customers impacted by Coronavirus. 

Ford has launched a new ad campaign dedicated to raising awareness around its assistance program—an extension of the Ford Credit program with relief extended to those whose lives have been severely affected by the pandemic. Diverting from its original marketing campaign, Ford will now be running ads across the country spotlighting the relief efforts. Ford often promotes a balanced digital marketing strategy, according to a Gartner report on the topic, so it makes sense that in addition to digital ads on social media the automaker is also rolling out two 30-second video spots called “Built to Lend A Hand” and “Built For Right Now” to further spread awareness about the campaign.

The touching initiative demonstrates Ford’s proactive approach to a pandemic that could last for months in the United States. In addition to economic support, Ford’s uplifting message can help reassure Americans during this period of panic. Customers who are leasing or purchased a Ford vehicle are eligible for the credit program, with Ford encouraging these consumers to use the FordPass app to discuss their options. By helping out families and consumers in a trying time, Ford could increase loyalty and engagement for years to come. 

Ford has a long history of helping those in need, and it’s quick response in the face of the Coronavirus proves this further still. Indeed, the company’s initiative shows that there are ways other than traditional advertising to solidify your place as a brand that people love, especially during hard times.