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Fragrant Features

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 14, 2020

Gucci Beauty celebrates the launch of its latest perfume with a virtual Snapchat experience. The luxury label reunites with the social media site to take consumers on a floral fantasy trip past flowing fountains, rose bushes, and sprinklings of gold dust.

Bloom Profumo di Fiori is Gucci’s newest perfume designed to channel lavish gardens and blooming flowers in scent and semblance. To help consumers understand the perfume vision, Gucci used augmented reality to create a portal lens on Snapchat. The AR “Garden of Dreams” lets users “walk” along a path of rose bushes and fountains to learn about the new perfume. Snapchat users can also click within the lens to be transferred to Gucci’s website, where they can then purchase the fragrance. Steering app users to the luxury brand’s site could prove an entertaining way to engage consumers during the pandemic, particularly as preference for mobile shopping increases. Gucci’s link to Snapchat could also lead to quicker purchases and help the luxury label evaluate the effectiveness of its lens in converting sales.

The Garden of Dreams is not the first time Gucci utilized Snapchat’s AR technology. In fact, it’s the third time in the past year. When Snapchat’s portal feature launched last holiday season, Gucci became the first luxury sponsor by transporting users to a virtual, tropical paradise where they could view its vacation collection. This past July, Gucci also became the first brand to test out Snapchat’s shoe try-on capabilities, with the lens including a “shop now” button that allowed users to purchase a pair of Gucci shoes instantly. As this is Gucci’s third Snapchat collaboration, its efforts to continually engage a young, potentially loyal audience could be paying off. Additionally, with Gen Z’s spending power rapidly increasing according to a Gartner report, providing a one-of-a-kind entertainment and shopping experience could help Snapchat become a primary revenue source for the luxury label. With e-commerce shopping habits predicted to outlive the pandemic, growing an enthusiastic mobile following could also help Gucci differentiate itself from luxury competitors who may still rely on traditional fashion calendars or events to captivate consumers.

The Garden of Dreams lens is the latest look into Gucci’s gratifying social media strategy that relies less on traditional marketing and more on mesmerizing entertainment. By teaming up with Snapchat yet again, the luxury label could re-immerse loyal users in its brand image and further flex its digital dexterity.