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Gaining Ground in Amazon’s Territory

By: Cymone Thomas | Feb 06, 2019

Coming up against Amazon is tough, especially in one of its key categories – consumer electronics. Amazon is the clear leader among big box brands in the US, but is challenged by Otto and Argos in Europe.

Here are three ways retailers in Europe are gaining ground in the consumer electronics landscape:

Retail Europe - Shopping Ads

Funneling Traffic

Unsurprisingly, given the scale of its investment in Google and its large SKU coverage, Amazon leads retailers in Europe in terms of text ad and organic visibility. Otto in Germany is the only retailer to either level or best Amazon across all consumer electronics categories through paid search. Otto’s success stems from a more targeted approach for high-volume keywords compared to Amazon Germany. Otto is also the only Index retailer in Germany making a significant investment in Shopping ads, owning 63% of the total across consumer electronics categories.

Expert Advice Boosts SEO

While Amazon maintains high organic search visibility across all consumer electronics categories, Fnac in France nudges ahead in the camera category. Fnac’s “Advice From Our Experts” site section is split into various categories, including cameras. It contains a plethora of posts from knowledgeable employees with expertise in specific aspects of photography and technology. This is beyond the content provided by most consumer electronics brands and positively impacts search engine optimization, according to Gartner L2’s How to Compete with Amazon in Consumer Electronics report.

Leveraging Physical Locations

Amazon set the standard for fast fulfillment, but brick and mortar retailers are leveraging their stores to offer immediate and 30-minute pickup. Over 80% of Index retailers offer the service for free. Shoppers at Argos in the UK can collect both large and small consumer electronics from its stores immediately, depending on availability. Items can also be reserved online for in-store payment and collection. The swift online experience is continued once in-store, as shoppers who’ve purchased items online have dedicated Fast Track till points to retrieve their items using a passcode sent via text message.

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