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Gatorade’s New Groove

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jun 04, 2019

Gatorade is getting into digital shape for the summer with a brand new app called Highlights. Decked out in a slew of video capture and editing features, the app allows athletes to shine a light on their greatest sports accomplishments. Here’s why the move could be a big win for the beverage brand.

Whether showing off their comedy chops on Vine or loading up on likes from an Instagram photo, people love flexing. And now that camera phones have become a common fixture, becoming the star of your own life series is a snap, as influencers have demonstrated. By decking out its app with popular editing enhancements like spotlight, motion stickers, and more, Gatorade’s app could prove to be very useful for even the most amateur videographer trying to emphasize their most scintillating slam dunk or soccer goal. Additionally, the timing is just right. Summer is usually when people begin to get into shape and take more risks, both of which are conducive to content that can then be elevated all the more through Gatorade’s app. Finally, what’s content if it’s not shareable? The new app takes it home with options to share to several platforms plus “branding” features to make content purely one’s own.

 Gatorade has had a good run so far in the digital world, particularly winning at e-commerce on Amazon according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages & Beer. It also boasts a good track record when it comes to lifting others up – its intuitive site is home to many celebrity campaigns – but it’s one of the first times that the power is being placed in the consumer’s hands with no incentive but to flex for free. And while it already touts a workout app, trying out utilities that might be of more use from the sidelines is a smart and creative way to keep athletes at the forefront without forgetting the crucial other members of its audience – sports watchers.