Daily Insights

Gen Z Gets Personal

By: Liz Flora | Nov 06, 2019

Individualistic Gen Z shoppers demanding bananas, dinosaurs or cartoon dogs on their luxury handbags are in luck these days, thanks to the era of online personalization.

Adoption of digital customization is on the rise among luxury brands, especially in China, according to Gartner L2’s new Luxury China: Millennials and Gen Z Insight Report. It finds that a growing number of brands are promoting items that appeal to consumers’ demand for unique or individual items, including limited editions, collaborations, and personalized products.

Louis Vuitton, for example, has made its online personalization services available across its sites globally, so Chinese consumers can add not only monograms, but a range of cartoon patches that resemble social media stickers, including a shiba inu, manga cat, alien or sneaker. 

While most luxury brands with online customization in China offer it through their brand sites, some are localizing customization functionality to other Chinese platforms. Coach offers its product personalization tool through both its site and a WeChat Mini Program, allowing users to select from a variety of colors, as well as position the exact location of a range of pins or flowers. Like Louis Vuitton’s decals, the pins came in a variety of whimsical shapes including a banana, dinosaur, skull, bottle cap and more. For China’s Qixi Festival, Calvin Klein offered its signature #MYCALVINS underwear customization with a range of emoji-style patches including fire, peach, and cherries across not only its site and a WeChat Mini Program but also Chinese e-tailers Tmall and JD.com.

“Customization is starting to become a must for luxury brands,” says Gartner L2 APAC Advisory Specialist Amie Song. Her advice for brand that already offer digital customization is to “to bring it the to the next level,” by “building a user-friendly interface where customers can easily visualize their designs,” and being sure to “activate around the feature during key gifting periods.”