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Gen-Z in the Driver’s Seat

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 02, 2019

Generation Z is at the wheel and ready to take control of the auto industry. The youngest generation wants cars that are less about making a statement and more about fitting a lifestyle. With car sales declining, the auto industry is restrategizing its social media presence in a way that speaks to it’s younger consumer audience. 

Unlike millennials, who have been prioritizing status and ingenuity in their car purchases during the last decade, Gen-Zers want a car that fits their everyday lifestyle without an outrageous price tag. This generational change in preference has gone well for Chevrolet. The American-made car company leverages social media to reach the younger generation, often posting photos of its cars in different landscapes to resonate with young people. By also posting photos from current customers on Instagram, the auto industry has found a new way to resonate with younger customers according to a Gartner L2 report on this topic. 

Not all car companies are taking the emotional approach Chevrolet has adopted. Acura recently released its campaign “Less Talk, More Drive” in an effort to remind customers that driving can be something you love to do, not just something you have to do. The brand’s suave advertisements feature slick cars racing through different locations in a bid to target those wanting a car that can go fast and look cool while doing it. Acura’s new campaign is set to run during many television programs as well as on various digital platforms throughout the fall. 

As car sales continue to drop each quarter, the auto industry is going all in on recruiting new, younger customers—and adjusting their ads to do just that. 

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