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Ghostly Goodies

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 23, 2020

Dunkin’s new Halloween donut could have customers seeing spirits as it takes spicy and sweet to the next level. 

Dunkin’ unveiled its new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut made with one of the world’s hottest peppers and topped with strawberry icing and cayenne pepper. The unique treat could give spice lovers the kick they’ve been seeking, especially before the upcoming sugar-coated holiday. Dunkin’ has made the spicy donut available through December, giving consumers plenty of time to prepare their taste buds—or for spice enthusiasts—extra time to get their fill. The Spicy Ghost Pepper donut will join Dunkin’s Halloween donut collection, which features many of its classic sweets re-decorated for the holiday, such as its Spider Donut and Vanilla Frosted Donut with Halloween sprinkles. The donut marks Dunkin’s latest effort to get in the Halloween spirit, following the launch of its costume collection last month. 

Dunkin’ is promoting the peppery pastry across its social media channels, including on Twitter where it reminded followers the donut is “here for a spice time”, not a nice time. Dunkin’ is also using Instagram to market the donut, with both channels inviting customers to use the hashtag #DunkinSpicySide to spread the word. Dunkin’ took things a step further with an out-of-home push where its donut mascot stands outside fellow restaurants offering “spicy” foods to show off its own “spicy”, or audacious side. Fans can go to Dunkin’s Twitter to see its mascot in front of restaurants like Popeyes or McDonald’s, holding signs with phrases such as “We didn’t wing it when it came to the Ghost Pepper”. The marketing strategy could spur more interactions on Dunkin’s social channels, according to a Gartner report, as it starts friendly competition with fellow restaurant brands appealing to consumer demand for spicy foods. The ploy could also help Dunkin’ build buzz and drive more consumers to its stores to test out the limited-edition dessert. 

Dunkin’ is no rookie when it comes to unusual treats, but its new donut could be its most flavorful yet. By continually updating its pastry portfolio, Dunkin’ could keep customers on their toes and always ready to try its newest treat.