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Gift-Giving Cakewalk

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 10, 2020

Video gaming has surged in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic, with gaming consoles predicted to be a top gift this holiday season. While Philadelphia Cream Cheese is far from an electronics brand, it still wanted to get in on the trend, but with its own twist. 

The food brand taps into the popularity of gaming technology by releasing its own, homemade “Philly Series 5” console box. Philadelphia Cream Cheese describes the product spoof as a “stunning advancement in cheesecake technology” and even created a box kit that consumers can order to help them make holiday desserts. The Philly Series 5 box includes “five cream cheese bricks of power”, “the latest 3D cookie crumb technology”, and “ultra HD white chocolate”, or in other words, all the key ingredients needed to make a cheesecake. The brand walked viewers through its groundbreaking baking software via a commercial where it noted that the Philly Series 5 is not a video game console but “tastes better than any video game console ever could”. The comical, if a bit cheesy, ad, which already has more than two million views on YouTube, could prove appealing to consumers looking for laughs this holiday season. 

The Philly Series 5 is a limited edition item which Philadelphia Cream Cheese made available on its microsite. While its commercial and e-commerce platform could help draw in digital consumers, the brand is further raising awareness for the “hottest gift of the holiday season” via social media, where it holds limited-time giveaways on Twitter. The brand borrows the same humor from its commercials for its social channels, where it notes that the Philly Series 5 features “next-gen joy” and “breathtaking flavor”. By doubling down on its playful tone, Philadelphia Cream Cheese could grow its following with younger consumers, the majority of whom favor brands that have fun with their social marketing, according to a Gartner report on the topic. As such, the food brand’s holiday campaign could make it prime for consumer interaction and engagement. With at-home baking surging during the pandemic, the promotion could also keep Philadelphia Cream Cheese top of mind with consumers at the grocery store. 

Gaming may be popular, but could baked goods prove even more crowd-pleasing? Philadelphia Cream Cheese hopes to find out with its new Philly Series 5, which could boost the brand’s sales and relevance with bakers and gamers alike.