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The Gift of Golden Arches

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 27, 2019

McDonald’s is taking a big step into the lifestyle apparel business with its new Golden Arches Unlimited line

The brand is an e-commerce line and will be the only place fans can get their hands on the restaurant’s apparel. The line has dropped just in time for the holidays and features a few festive items including Happy Meal ornaments, a red and green holiday sweater, and a fries shirt and sweatpants set. The brand plans to release seasonal lines throughout the year and will restock some of the most popular items that sell-out. McDonald’s is the latest restaurant chain to release a shop to increase sales and build a social following, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. Many brands, in particular, have been dropping merchandise lines in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. 

Brands including KFC, Dunkin’, Popeyes, and Taco Bell have released the ultimate product presents for hardcore fans this season. McDonald’s has taken its merchandise line a step further in that it’s a permanent line that fans will be able to shop all year round—even though the products may differ by season. In the past, McDonald’s had taken to partnering with exclusive brands for limited time product drops, such as the McDelivery Collection with Uber Eats. 

McDonald’s is making the leap from restaurant to lifestyle apparel brand—a move that could strengthen relations with the most loyal fans in particular. This year has proven to be a prime time for restaurant and food brands to make their way into the lifestyle sector. Other brands looking to release apparel may look to McDonald’s on how to appeal to fans beyond the food operations this festive season.