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Glossier Strikes Gold

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Mar 20, 2019

Glossier just struck gold—and we’re not talking about its newest balm dot com flavor. The cosmetics company just crushed its latest round of funding, raising $100 million to earn it a valuation over $1 billion, or certified unicorn status. Here’s a look at how the brand went from beauty baby to bona-fide billionairess in just a few years.

From the get-go, Glossier has dared to push the standards for digital experiences. In one year, the brand leaped 33 spots in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty to become one of the top five tracked beauty brands.

Despite a saturated social beauty market, where brands bank on trendy features like Instagram’s “Swipe Up”, Glossier stands out by making customers feel completely catered to. The brand uses swipe ups to link to gated mobile-specific content, such as phone screensavers and playlists, for beauty shoppers browsing on their phones. The catch? Perks can only be accessed by subscribing to brand emails.

As an independent brand, Glossier has garnered eyeballs with gusto thanks to best-in-class imagery on product pages and a bold social media presence. In addition to captivating GIF carousels on product pages, the company uses strong paid strategies to lead on YouTube and Facebook. On Glossier’s Lidstar product page, for example, short vertical video clips demonstrate eyeshadow swatches across various skin tones. Meanwhile, the cult brand boasts high organic video views on YouTube through its “Get Ready with Me” video series, which closely resembles buzzy vlogger content that spotlights women’s morning routines.

In order to reach today’s consumer, brushing up on digital is a must, as Glossier’s performance demonstrates.  Adding customization through mobile-specific perks and color through varied on-model imagery in motion are two glittering examples of how brands can add life to their online presence.

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