Daily Insights

GM’s Modern Makeover

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 14, 2021

General Motors is the latest brand to hit the gas on a digital rebrand as it announces its first logo change in 50 years. 

Following rebranding efforts by Burger King and the CIA, General Motors joins the fray with a new logo symbolizing its shift towards electric vehicles. The updated logo rewrites its formerly capital letters to lowercase ones surrounded by a light blue outline meant to symbolize “clean skies”. The “m”, which is meant to resemble an electric plug, is also now underlined as a “visual representation of GM’s Ultium platform”, the automaker’s electric vehicle initiative. The sleek, modern makeover could signal GM’s vision for the future of the auto industry, including how consumer preference for electric vehicles could continue to grow. The makeover is similar in theme to Kia’s recent rebranding, which saw the auto brand transform its logo to look like a “signature”, as it focuses on personalization and modernity for the new year. The marketing makeovers for two of the largest automotive brands in the U.S.  could set the stage for additional updates from competitors in the near future, particularly as car buying continues to move online and consumer demand for sustainability pressures brands to change direction. 

Updating its logo allows GM to bring awareness to its electric vehicle campaign and elevate its image as an innovative automaker. The new logo will not extend to GM vehicles themselves, but can instead be spotted on all of the brand’s corporate products as well as its website and social media. Nonetheless, the rebranding could help GM pace itself with brands like Tesla, Ford, and BMW, which have all made strides in the electric vehicle field in recent years. The logo also follows GM’s pledge to bring 30 electric vehicles to market by 2025, including its redesigned Hummer EV, which will be for sale later this year. As a trusted and well-established automaker, GM’s new look could captivate consumers who are interested in electric vehicles, but still want an affordable option, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, its evolving product portfolio and updated logo could capture consumer attention and drive them to its sites, which could help GM make up for lost auto sales during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

While GM is not the first brand to start the new year with a new look, its focus on electric vehicles and modernity could help it stand out in the crowded sea of rebranding.