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Godiva’s Groundwork for Equality

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 10, 2020

Godiva has launched a charitable campaign in honor of International Women’s Day. 

The Belgian chocolate brand launched The Lady Godiva Initiative on March 8th to celebrate strong women. Godiva is asking its chocolatiers to nominate favored charities that embody the brand’s namesake—with Godiva planning to choose five of the nominated nonprofits and award each $25,000. The initiative includes the branded hashtag, #MyLadyGodiva and a YouTube video describing the campaign—fans are encouraged to post about strong women during the month of March using the hashtag for a chance to win gifts from Godiva. As a confectionery brand, Godiva is able to cater to a wider age range on YouTube than other social media platforms, according to a Gartner report, so it makes sense that the brand would unveil its new campaign there. 

Godiva’s initiative is an homage to its extravagant namesake, Lady Godiva, who was known for protesting unfair taxation nearly one thousand years ago. Godiva is using this initiative and the coinciding women’s holiday to campaign in support of gender equality.  Often brands rely on their customers for charitable campaigns, but Godiva is empowering its own representatives by taking their suggestions for charities—letting the chocolatiers serve as brand ambassadors. 

Using women’s empowerment for core messaging is something Godiva has promoted many times in the past. It’s through these efforts and channeling nostalgia that Godiva is able to resonate with a variety of consumers—including older customers who are loyal to the long-established brand, as well as millennial and Gen-Z shoppers who are more vocal in their willingness to frequent businesses that align with their beliefs. 

Godiva is using Women’s History Month to help women-centric charities. The call-to-action could help further the conversation towards women’s equality and may encourage other food brands to join the conversation too.