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Google Sets Its Sites on Sales

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 04, 2020

With Black Friday going virtual, Google rolls out new shopping features to help consumers make the most of it. 

As Black Friday sales last from now through December, Google launched new shopping features to help consumers know if they’re getting the best deals. After an initial revamp of its Shopping platform, the tech titan now takes things a step further by modernizing its price tools. With the updates, Google users can view price insights and comparisons as well as track the pricing of specific items. These tools allow users to see which e-commerce brand is selling items for the lowest price and get notified when a new sale begins. Google will also inform shoppers if the price they are about to purchase an item for is a “good deal” or if it’s predicted to drop in the near future. Through Google Shopping, consumers can set all their notifications in one place, which could also make it easier when comparing retailers or items during Black Friday deals. 

Google’s new features could help it extend its search advertising influence, though it may raise questions about whether its monopolizing its search powers. The feature updates arrive soon after the U.S. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google for illegally cornering the market in search advertising. However, the features could still be useful to consumers, particularly as their interest in virtual shopping guidance grows. With many holiday shopping deals happening online this year, the launch of Google’s new features could boost consumer reliance and drive more shoppers to its site. The features could also prime Google for retailer partnerships, as more brands look to boost their virtual presence for the holiday shopping season. Additionally, the features could prove useful after the holiday season according to a Gartner report, as enhanced, digital experiences could stay relevant in the post-pandemic shopping era. 

E-commerce trends are ever-changing during the Coronavirus pandemic, but with Google’s new feature, consumers could better navigate the retail landscape. By launching before one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Google could also prove its features necessary and become the go-to platform for finding the best deals.