Daily Insights

Google’s Restaurant Reach

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 31, 2020

Panera Bread revamps its mobile ordering service through a new partnership with Google Maps. 

Via Google Maps, users can now find their closest Panera Bread and place an order. By searching “Panera Near Me” users can see which restaurants offer curbside pick-up or delivery, then choose a location to begin their order. Google also expanded its Panera Bread ordering capabilities to Google Voice Assistant, meaning iOS and Android users can say “Hey Google, find Panera near me” and then place an order. The bakery-café enacted Google Pay for the new partnership so customers can seamlessly place and purchase their meals entirely through Google. To promote the new collaboration, Panera Bread is offering customers 20% off any curbside and delivery orders placed through Google until September 14. 

The partnership could allow Panera Bread to widen its mobile ordering capacity, allowing it to meet customers beyond its mobile app or brick and mortar locations. As more consumers in the U.S. lean into mobile food ordering during the Coronavirus pandemic, creating a streamlined option with Google could help Panera Bread gain new customers. The partnership could particularly appeal to those that want the accessibility of mobile ordering but do not want to download a specific restaurant app to do so, according to a Gartner report. Displaying the ordering feature on Google Maps could help Panera Bread stand out from the competition, as users may want the quickest option when searching for restaurants, and seeing that they can place and pay for an order without having to leave the app could provide that. Working with Google is Panera’s latest initiative to make ordering easier during the pandemic, having launched a coffee subscription program in February and Panera Curbside in May. 

Panera Bread customers can now Google the restaurant’s menu and place an order on the spot. The partnership could meet consumer demands for frictionless ordering experiences during the pandemic and help the eatery reach consumers embracing mobile ordering across the nation.